Hi, we're a tiny design house.

We are located in the lovely little city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. With over 14 years experience we can safely say that Graphic & Web Design is our specialty.

We’ll take your ideas and turn them into something brilliant. Simply drop us a line and we’ll be happy to be of assistance.

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Material Insight came to Hop Creative looking for a complete overhaul. With an outdated site they needed to bring things up a notch with a fresh modern look that was responsive and easy for them to update. more



How photos and images work in SquareSpace

Using the photos/image widget in SquareSpace is easy. But knowing how to position your photos isn't quite as intuitive. Here's a quick 5 minute video on how it works.

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Getting around SquareSpace - The Basics 

I'm excited to kick off the first of many 'How To' videos about the SquareSpace platform. In this video I'll give you a quick overview on how to get around the CMS.

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So you want a website 

Alright, your work has slowed down and you're finally finding the time to devote to a new website. Great! But.. it takes some initial work on your end so don't go putting your feet up just yet. I'm going to task you with 'things to do' before we even have a chat about hiring me.

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