Online, Your Web Content Speaks for You

In the midst of a room full of people, a potential client / partner / investor approaches YOU to learn about YOUR business. Are you ready? At one time or another everyone has been caught unprepared, only landing on the perfect response after the opportune moment has passed. The right words are then preceded by a regrettable, “I wish I had said…”

It’s no different online. Getting someone to land on your website takes real effort. Every visit to your website, it is an opportunity – a hard-won opportunity. With only seconds (or even less) to hold their attention, how well does your website speak for you?

Good web content works effectively and efficiently, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It communicates in a way that both informs and inspires action (sign up for your newsletter, connect on social media, call or email, make a purchase). No matter how beautiful your site is, without effective content site visitors will simply move on to your competitor’s website. *sigh*

In gratitude for taking the time to visit our blog, we’re sharing six of our favourite tips for web content that delivers.

6 Quick Tips for Web Content that Delivers

  1. Answer the Big Question (Right Away)
    Make no mistake; the question is not “What do you do?” Rather, it is “How can you solve my problem?” The difference is small but mighty. It is not about you; it’s about what you can do for them. It is usually the first something anyone wants to know about your company.

  2. Be Professional
    It doesn’t matter what you are selling, there is no excuse for typos or poor grammar. If your content is sloppy, then your prospect will likely infer that your service or product is sloppy too. On the flipside, well written content instills confidence and trust.
  3. Keep it Short and Sweet
    Ironically, it is more difficult to write less than it is to write more. Don’t lose your customers in content that reads like a novel. This is not the place for long sentences, long paragraphs or long words.
  4. Use the Language of the People
    Write for your audience using language that can be easily understood by them. If your audience is expecting communication that is formal and wordy, write formally and throw around lots of big ten-dollar words. But in most cases, relatively informal, jargon-free content will work best. Again – it’s not about you.
  5. Show a Little Personality
    As in life, a little personality goes a long way. If your company is friendly, funny, warm, witty, or even a little cheeky, inject a little of that flavour into your content. Character is interesting, engaging, and builds a personal connection. Boring is just boring.
  6. Speak the Truth
    People are pretty good at sniffing out B.S. these days, and it’s spread around liberally. It may seem obvious, but honesty and authenticity go a long, long way. Above all, be refreshingly real and sincere. Remember, your website is a stepping stone in a trusting relationship.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Be Shy
If your company gives back to the community, cares for the environment, and creates a great workplace for your team, tell the world.  Don’t be shy. Customers, workers, investors, and suppliers value working with companies with values.