Trevor did a great job at efficiently taking the shell of our Squarespace site and transforming it into an elegant work of art. He started and finished on time as promised, and we are delighted with the great result!
— Mitch Max, BetterVu.com
We worked previously with major design firms in major cities, assuming they were the gold standard. But frustrated with slow service, mediocre quality, inflated egos, and hugely over-priced output, we decided to give little Hop Creative a try. They have out-performed their Goliath competitors in every key dimension and done it with world-class professionalism.
— Ronald Maines • Analytica Lux
It was a relief to turn it over to someone who was design savvy, efficient and very good about doing what he said he would. The project came in on time and on budget. He was able to keep me focused on having a clean, attractive website when I was tempted to load up the design or make unneeded changes.
— John Clark • At Design Remodel
He asked the right questions and very quickly understood my needs and personality to create a site that is both professional and personal. He was fast, flexible and knowledgeable and I recommend him without hesitation. He is among the best suppliers I’ve met.
— Alison Delory • AlisonDelory.com
He asks questions up front to ensure a solid first draft, which saves everyone time. First drafts are often final or close to final drafts because of his attention to detail and commitment to a project.
— Dawn Morrison • Graybar Canada
Your design is so great that it pulled in clients immediately. My company is about to go from 5 to 100mph.
— Josh Labucki • Reinvention Gym Design
Trevor was able to take my concepts and transfer it into a highly effective finished product – it’s almost like they were reading my mind. Not only do they know the latest technological applications and trends, their creativity is evident in everything he delivers.
— Sherry Donovan • Nova Scotia Home Builders