Beyond Buttons: 5 Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Website


You’re smart. You understand the importance of both a quality website and an effective social media strategy.  Social media networks lead traffic back to your website to transform visits to sales, and your website leads traffic to your social media networks to grow relationships. 

Web design that works in tandem with social content builds trust, foster growth, and keeps content fresh and interesting.

Here are my top 5 ways to make it all come together:



Social Media Buttons

Make it easy to connect. If you have ever visited a website and looked for social media links that were hard to find or simply did not exist, you’ll recognize the value in making social media buttons easy to find. Don’t bury social media links in a contact page. Headers, footers (or headers AND footers) help site visitors connect with and follow your social media networks.



Share Icons

Make it easy to share. When someone is nice enough to share your blog or products, the least you can do is make it easy for them.  Be sure that social links are enabled on your blog and products pages and that they are functional. Always test your links to see how they look when shared.  What content is auto-populated? How about images?


Social Feeds

Make it easy to discover. Incorporating one or two of your own feeds into your website provides fresh content and a (hopefully) tempting preview of the type of content that can be found on your social profiles. It may go without saying, but be sure that any account that deserves space on your website should be ACTIVE and add value to your overall website strategy.



Embed Highlights Through User Generated Content

Make it stand out. Sharing your own feeds is good. When someone else is singing your praises, it’s so much better! User Generated Content is any form of content, including social content that is created by clients and customers. Shoutouts. Testimonials. Images or videos of your product in use. Nothing adds more credibility than genuine, authentic content shared by real world customers. Shares on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more can be incorporated by embedded a link to the source. Note: Before embedding a post, show respect and gratitude by requesting permission first.



Amp Up your User Generated Content Strategy

Make it about community. Social media aggregator tools (such as Juicer, Curator, and TINT) are making it easier to curate and share user generated content within just about any website in exciting ways. By embedding filtered feeds across platforms using hashtags, it is possible to harness an army of brand champions to take your social / website relationship to a whole new level.  Aggregators are designed to engage with your audience, build trust and credibility, and keep your website fresh and interesting.