Be fast on the draw

Back in the days of the Wild West it was a common occurrence for two men to settle a confrontation by having a not so fun stand off. Of course the only way to come out the winner (and alive!) in that situation was to be quick, accurate and fast on the draw.

I often joke that the internet is much like the wild west. I mean there really are similarities. There are no rules. Celebrities, scams & bucket loads of money can be made through various avenues. Much like the wild west, the sky really is the limit.

Okay, so what I'm trying to get at exactly? Well, if there is anything I've learned along my design journey it's this: Be fast to respond to your clients; talk straight; don't BS; and make sure you KNOW what you're talking about. Basically, consider yourself an outlaw or a bandit who does their homework and knows their stuff inside out. You need to make an impression and leave your target audience with something to talk about and remember you by. Much like the old west days.

What I tend to focus on more than anything is speed. Not necessarily at finishing designs quickly, but more so along the lines of rapid communication. I can't tell you how many times I've been awarded design projects because I was the first to respond. Or how many times clients have said to me 'Are you always this fast to reply?". Is it a compliment? Well, to me it is! But honestly, it's really not that hard to do if you stay organized.

You see, I'm a list person. I make lists all the time and my favourite part about these lists is checking items off. Now I know not everyone likes check lists, but these lists are what allows me to respond to clients at a rapid rate.

Lists keep me organized. When I'm organized, I have less to think about. When I have less to think about, I have more time to respond to clients. Generally I'll respond to a client in a matter of minutes or hours after their initial email. Why so fast? Well it's quite simple. Customer service is key.

I want my clients to know that I'm here for them at all times. I'll answer their emails night & day and even when I'm on vacation if it's an absolute emergency. I want them to know I'm a machine that doesn't sleep and no matter what the problem is that I'm here to clean up the mess. I want them to know they count on me in all situations and that the 'ball' will never drop. I want to leave a lasting impression that they won't forget.

So be fast on the draw. Come out the winner. Get rewarded. Service some happy clients.