5 simple things that help me focus on Web Design

When I'm sitting behind my Mac it's very easy to get distracted. Sometimes you need to get focused and zone in on the tasks at hand. Tune out the madness and focus on the project! This is how I do it.

  1. Turn Twitter OFF. Did you hear me? Turn Twitter OFF. It's okay, you'll live.
  2. Turn the lights off. Yes Seriously. I find I get much more work done when the lights are off and the only light in the room is my monitor.
  3. Put your 'Cell' Phone in the other room. Yep, it's a distraction if it even vibrates because you know you will check it.
  4. Grab a Beverage. Whether it's a latte, a coffee or a really good glass of wine. It helps me stay focused, makes me happy and puts me in a working mood.
  5. Get a great pair of noise cancelling headphones. I recently picked up these bad boys and I have to say that my productivity has increased immensely. 

What do you do to stay focused?